Leak detection

Drone Systems primarily perform drone inspection of network pipelines from November to April (depending on the weather). However, urgent leak inspection can be accomplished even on hot summer’s nights. The drones fly at night-time at an altitude of 80 to 120 metres. Leaks are localized with a precision of less than a meter, even minor leaks on return pipes.
Thermal data from the drone camera are processed and analysed. The results are presented in Teraplan, our unique web-based platform. With Teraplan, the district heating company obtains complete visual overview over all points of interest, divided into categories including information about critical hotspots and temperature measurements . The company can add its own comments and pictures and can use Teraplan to manage the workflow in connection with repairs.

Drone Systems has photographed more han 6,500 km of district heating network pipelines and detected 400+ leaks, 350+ emerging leaks, and 800+ components with serious losses of heat.

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