Quality assurance

Registration of conditions & quality assurance

Thermal inspections from drones, combined with our image analysis and its presentation in Teraplan, provides the district heating company with the best possible overview of their entire network. The result is a record of the condition of the network in form of points of interest plus a general heat imprint from the pipes. The overview makes it possible to plan preventive actions, initiated by the district heating company to achieve a high level of operational reliability. It also enables the company to act strategically by ranking future renovation measures. On top of this, thermal registration from drones, combined with Teraplan, makes it possible to assess damages and to attest the quality of renovation measures including new structures. Thus, the district heating company can document and respond in – for example – warranty cases.

Drone Systems has photographed more han 6,500 km of district heating network pipelines and detected 400+ leaks, 350+ emerging leaks, and 800+ components with serious losses of heat.

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