District heating

Thermographic inspection of district heating networks using an infrared camera has been practiced for more than 45 years – with handheld camera or the camera mounted on top of a car. Typically, such methods cover only 50-70% of the total pipe registration. Areas with limited or no accessibility are not registered. Often it is precisely in such areas that the district heathing companies struggle to locate leaks and other damages.
During the past ten years, thermal camera technology has undergone an astonishing development. Weight and size have been reduced dramatically, and it is now possible to mount a high-quality thermal camera under a drone, so 100% coverage of the network can be achieved.

Drone Systems has mapped and analysed more than 6,500 km of district heating network pipelines and detected 400+ leaks, 350+ emerging leaks, and 800+ components with serious losses of heat.

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