Thermal orthomaps

Drone Systems are experts in producing radiometric orthomaps by combining thousands of thermal images into one aggregate map of the entire network pipelines. With Teraplan, the district heating company  gets an easy and user-friendly tool for comparing an orthomap with its own records of the network pipelines and its own points of interest. This provides a unique opportunity to evaluate of the entire network . Based on annual inspections, orthomaps from different years can be compared. On such a basis, the company can follow the development over time of every part of the network pipelines.


With Teraplan, interactive, dynamic thermal mapping is implemented. Pdf-files and printed reporting of thermal inspections belong to the past.

Teraplan is a cloud-based web platform, presenting processed data from thermal inspections to the district heating sector– transparent, dynamic, and interactive. Traditional static reports gave the customer a snapshot of a few selected points. With Teraplan, we give our customers a dynamic tool, providing full overview, and thus the best possible basis for the utilization of all thermal informations, from spotting critical leaks to long term strategic planning of resources for maintenance and renovations.

Teraplan is continually being improved by Drone Systems. We do this based on wishes and feedbacks from our customers.

Drone Systems has mapped and analysed more than 6,500 km of district heating network pipelines and detected 400+ leaks, 350+ emerging leaks, and 800+ components with notable heatloss.

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